Hope Interpreter Services by Charles Drew

Interpreter Services

Hope Interpreter services provide trained and quality interpreters to facilitate communication with individuals who do not speak English or those who have limited English proficiency. Effective communication when utilizing an interpreter ensures that individuals with limited English proficiency understand their care and service options and participate in decisions regarding their health and healthcare.

Hope Medical Outreach Interpreter Services, sponsored by Charles Drew Health Center

Hope Medical Outreach Interpreter Services is a collaborative effort to help ensure quality healthcare to linguistically and culturally diverse patients in the Omaha and surrounding communities. Each of our interpreters is bound by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and HIPPA to provide professional and confidential face-to-face and phone interpretation services. Each of our interpreters receives training as specified through the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIH). All interpreters are screened for their language skills and techniques. The interpreters are required to have a medical screening, including but not limited to TB testing, background checks, as required through the Hope Medical Outreach guidelines.

Assignments (referrals) provided to each interpreter is also prefaced with information relative to the upcoming visit. All interpreters are required to contact the client(s) prior to the scheduled visit. Each interpreter will arrive at the assigned visit 15-minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to assist with patient forms and other pertinent information.